Armory Lite creates a textually soothing experience based on your World of Warcraft Armory information.

We created Armory Lite because we were tired of waiting for all the flash and glamour of the official armory, when all we needed sometimes was basic statistics and character information.

From there, we decided to add some of our own functionality, things like gear scores and statistic tracking to help extend what was already available to us.

We keep cached copies of all the data you request and actually help alleviate the strain on Blizzard armory servers by giving you an alternative when their service is unavailable, in an easy to read and use format.

Our cache copies are linked to your characters and give a historic view of your gear, which can be accessed from the administration system. In addition, you can access your cached Armory data whenever the official source is down for maintenance or overloaded.

To date, we’ve cached over 10 million unique users and have detailed statistic information on over 4 million of those users. We have a back log of over 6 million users to still parse through, so our service and analytical data is constantly becoming more impressive and fun. We’re storing over 200 gigabytes of text data already, and growing at a rate of 2 gigabyte a week!

We’re constantly tweaking and improving the service for our users, by fixing reported bugs and adding new features. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions; if you can think of something you think would help make Armory Lite more useless, share it with us – odds are, we’ll add it!

Armory Lite is owned and operated by Dustin Vannatter, who also operates the Conflct Gaming brand.